Cold Storage Project by Bess Concrete

Cold Storage

Rand Refrigerated Logistics Stage 1
60 Southlink Street, Parkinson, QLD
The client, Rand Refrigerated Logistics, is one of the leading national refrigerated transport, cold storage and distribution service providers in Australia.
Rand Refrigerated Logistics   Rand Refrigerated Logistics  
Rand Refrigerated Logistics
Rand Refrigerated Logistics Rand Refrigerated Logistics
Rand Refrigerated Logistics Rand Refrigerated Logistics
Rand Refrigerated Logistics Rand Refrigerated Logistics

The scope of work for Bess Concrete included;

  • Footings
  • Walls
  • Bored piers
  • Ground slabs
  • Raft slabs
  • Heated slabs
  • Insulated slabs
  • Suspended slabs
  • Steel jointed slabs
  • External pavement
  • Columns

The project involved the placement of approximately 5,300 m2 of freezer wear slabs, 1,800 m2 of annex wear slabs, 933 m2 of office wear slabs and 11,000 m2 of external concrete pavement.

A specification of 50 FF and 30 FL (Floor Profile Category “Flat floor”) with a highly burnished finish was specified by the client and builder for the freezer wear slabs and annex wear slabs. Achieving the tolerances of the wear slabs was complicated and difficult to achieve, due to the inclusion of metal bollard plates around the perimeter of the freezer and annex, and metal tiles in the doorways, where forklift trucks wait until the freezer door opens. The freezer wear slabs were completed in 19 pours and the annex wear slabs in 8 pours.

Because of the high tolerances that were required for the freezer and annex wear slabs, the Somero Copperhead Laser Screed was used, due to its ability to achieve precision concrete screeding and its smaller size, which enables it to reach places the bigger laser screeds cannot. Alongside the Copperhead, we used the Somero PowerRake to more efficiently move concrete into place. Faced with the complexity of the design, the high skill levels and extensive experience of our finishing crew was critical in delivering not only the high tolerances, but also the highly burnished finish.

The combined results for the project were FF 69.50 and FL 44.26, which was above the specification. Faced with the challenges, such as the bollard plates and metal doorway tiles, we feel very proud of these results, and the fact that we were ahead of the program throughout the whole project.

At the Master Concreters Association of Queensland Excellence in Industry Awards 2011, we were awarded the Boral Best Commercial Award and the Hanson Supreme Award for the quality of our work on this project.

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