Manufacturing Facilities by Bess Concrete

Manufacturing Facilities

Spotless Group Pty Ltd
Darra, QLD
The client, Spotless Group Pty Ltd, is the Australian arm of an international services company specialising in outsourced facility management. The requirement was for a state-of-the-art facility to house the operations of the commercial laundry division.
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Spotless Group
Spotless Group Spotless Group
Spotless Group Spotless Group
Spotless Group Spotless Group

The scope of work for Bess Concrete included;

  • Footings
  • Ring beams
  • Internal pits and pit bases
  • Internal ground slabs (6,659m2)
  • Transformer room (30m2)
  • Mezzanine slab (370m2)
  • External pavements (7,705m2)

A specification of FF 50 and FL 30 (Floor Profile Category “Flat floor”) was specified by the client and builder for the internal ground slabs. The internal ground slabs were completed in eight pours. Because of the high tolerances that were required, we used the Somero SXP Laser Screed, due to its ability to achieve precision concrete screeding quickly and efficiently. Alongside the SXP, we used the Somero PowerRake to more efficiently move concrete into place. The high skill levels and extensive experience of our finishing crew was critical in delivering a finished product that exceeded the specification.

The combined results for the internal ground slabs were FF 67.34 and FL 49.33. These results put the internal ground slabs in the “Flat” Floor Profile Category thereby achieving the specified tolerances.

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