Manufacturing Facilities by Bess Concrete

Manufacturing Facilities

Visy Packaging (Stage 2)
Stapylton, QLD
This project involved the supply, place and finish of approximately 4,200m3 or 18,700m2 of concrete for the Visy Packaging Facility at Stapylton.
Visy Packaging   Visy Packaging  
Visy Packaging
Visy Packagingp Visy Packaging
Visy Packaging Visy Packaging
Visy Packaging Visy Packaging

The scope of work for Bess Concrete included;

A floor specification of 50 FF and 30 FL with a consistent highly burnished finish was specified by the client and builder for the facilities ground slabs. The slabs were placed by a combination of Laser Screed, Copperhead Screed and by hand due to the location and placement of pits, trenches, drains etc.
The project achieved an overall FF 60 and FL 55, to achieve such a high tolerance and the required burnished finish by a combination of the three techniques is a credit to Bess Concrete's finishing crews high skill levels and experience. Bess Concrete are very proud of these results not only because of the high standard of work completed by our ability to maintain the Builders accelerated program and deliver the project on time.

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